Digital signage in the new normal – Opportunities & Challenges

Pandemic is making people smarter. The rise in technology is an add-on.

As the red situation cools, people are likely to go out to maybe have a drink or to just walk by the neighbourhood.

In these testing times, audiences tend to get attracted when they see something eye-pleasing.

The governments, businesses, and other organizations are filling up the buckets by producing posters, visuals, or graphics to help people stay safe.

One such way of delivering information faster is through the use of digital signages, a creative medium.

Messages are conveyed to the people through projection media while using LED, LCD, and other modes of display.

Digital Signage Adidas

Recent studies have also shown that a shocking majority of people expect more from what digitisation and technology are already offering.

This is a huge moment of opportunity for the digital signage industry to help retailers in communicating their brand presence and value through these signages.

Digital signage can also be used to collect data with and get insights from a client, employee, and guest behaviour, in addition to showing visual messages.

The constant change in people’s behaviour also increases the demand for signage companies to trend the necessities, creatively, so it finally gets delivered to the people.

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With this constant behavioural change of the people and the market, there is also an immediacy to update content with relevant information through a well-connected network.

Covid related signage

‘Wear your masks’, common written advice that you’ll see anywhere; whenever you go for any purchase or maybe see a hoarding.

You can see signages on every other public place regarding healthy hygiene and the COVID-19 related protocols.

Covid related signs are blooming mad and are still flourishing, especially in the post-pandemic times.

The 2021 predictions estimate a sustained demand for post-pandemic or pandemic signs will increase.

This is because municipalities, businesses, and others need to communicate the rules and protocols of mask-wearing, vaccine and/or testing requirements, and other etiquettes to its people.

With the release in the lockdown(s), it can be seen that the cities and towns are going back to things as they were. But the customers are desperate and eager to jump back to the new normal and wipe all the traces of the pandemic.

Restaurants, healthcare, malls, and others would need to guide people for accurate wayfinding as well as help in following the COVID-19 guidelines. A crowd in a closed space has become taboo.

We have collected stats from global digital signage trends:

  • Approximately 30% of people think digital menus can influence their dine-ins or take-aways
  • 7/10 hospitals use digital communication systems to interact with patients through creative visuals
  • 96% of students believe that visuals or digital information help them understand topics better than the conventional methods

 And the tally keeps getting changed (or updated) as the trend and behaviour change. This calls out for an increased demand for visual communication media. The ‘demand’, in turn, rises.

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Besides the increased demand, the scarcity was visible when municipalities and authorities in many Cities regulated many sign compliances.

The increased demand for the covid signs has led to a scarcity in post-pandemic signages.

What impact does this leave on the various signage companies and retailers? How are we coping up?

Companies see the increased demands as opportunities.

News about various other deadly virus strains is in the air that has almost started affecting the crowd.

Should there be a real possibility of the same, we will need the help of signages for the effective communication of the new policies and protocols.

With the restaurants welcoming guests again (although in limited tracks), they are hungry for a medium to either showcase their services or to advise any covid related protocol.  

The upgrade in ‘drive-thrus’ shows a big impact on the use of digital signages. They dive head up and stand out to highlight their food menu through them. Faster, disciplined, and efficient.

The high brightness screens are assets not only to in-store retail outlets but also the drive-through installations. It helps in accessing quick changes and remains versatile as a brand bringing variations and innovation.

Digital signages impact most businesses, healthcare, malls, and others by displaying the most up-to-date regulations about their proceedings, the numbers of seats available in a restaurant and even the waiting time.

The need to manufacture more signage rises with many organisations venturing into the use of digital signages.

Will it lead to a shortage in the demand-supply of signages?

Demands and the LED chip shortage – a demerit

As already established, digital signages use LEDs to impact their brightness and visibility. The rising demands on these by various organizations or restaurants might also lead to a shortage of LED chips.

The global semiconductor shortage (also known as the ‘chip shortage of 2021’) hasn’t affected the market yet although it has the potential to bring a negative impact on the industry.

People are scared when they see the term shortage.

While many tech segments are up-throat and are on the tail end to eradicate the scarce from the lives, the consumer market hasn’t received any impacts (yet).

However, it is important to believe in the ‘backup of the backups’ strategy enabling a smooth supply chain or channel having enough product to mitigate the shortages.

Why choose LPFLEX? 

Digital Signage Zoom

At LPFLEX, we intend to get far ahead of the market trends and adapt quickly to innovative solutions. We are constructing bridges that help in internal and visual communications, public messaging, and even in-store operations, and are not limited to advertising and marketing.

We give more importance to the customer-first approach and use the technology as a better tool to learn about our customers, their behaviours, and their impacts.

It’s fun to hope for a new normal. But what in fact is normal? Normal can be described just as a situation. Human beings create situations and get out of them.

Evolution is a scientific inevitable change. Changes come with innovations, and innovations come with ideas. Ideas help people. People make a situation normal or better.

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