How is Digital Signage Kiosks shaping the Retail landscape?

Small businesses in retail are difficult task to set up and operate. With a Digital Kiosk, you gain a point of sales or promotional tool that engages with customers and shapes customer experiences.

Utilities of a Digital Kiosk

Kiosks perform as a tool for branding and self-promotion. Being set up for high visibility, it acts as an intermediary between the store/brand and the customer. 

It acts as a platform for providing various services, improving engagement and interaction without you being needed physically.

Companies like LPFLEX, bringing decades of experience to the market, are contributing to shaping the modern brand signage industry with a plethora of services and solutions ranging from hardware manufacturing, software integration and much more!

Digital Kiosks in Businesses.

Branding was primarily focused on traditional signages made with conventional print technology.  the past decade has observed the adoption of Kiosks and more so enabled with Digital Technology as all kinds of retailers have made use of these technologies to better establish their presence in the market.

Kiosks help a brand gain foothold among the public eyes in open spaces outside of a business or indoors in strategically placed locations of any commercial space. 

These tools form a link between brand and customers, helping promote the brand, giving access to various services via digital menus and creating a user experience that caters to their specific needs.

These have a significant share in the advertising market both in quality and volume. With companies moving towards digital and eco-friendly convenient options, we can see rising demand for Digital Signage Kiosks as a reliable solution that acts as a replacement for traditional print-based options.

Kiosks welcome and encourage customers to interact with the brand, through digital screens and customized menus helping with ordering products, self-service, check-ins and much more.

Quick and simple to navigate, Digital Kiosks become a recurring point of contact for many customers. Whether it is used for vending purposes or any other commercial application.

Since such Kiosks are placed in public places, it guarantees high visibility and the potential to attract public attention effectively. This also encourages the users with much freedom, in people’s own schedule.

Where do you see Digital Kiosks?

Placed in public areas, over-the-top counters and points of sales where Kiosks can experience heavy foot traffic and regular interaction.

Heavily populated areas at almost all times of the day, like Malls, Airports and Grocery Stores. Such places assure more visibility and increased potential for your brand to get seen in large open and attractive spaces.

In addition to just promotional tools, they also provide various services that customers can find convenient. In fast-food chains and takeaway counters, they provide multiple self-order and self-payment options, giving the restaurants more freedom and flexibility to operate effectively.

Movie Tickets can be printed out in a kiosk, as well as statements from banks and other deposits that help reduce the workload on physical employees.

Kiosks work great for wayfinding and navigation in very large public spaces like malls and stations, where the layout of each floor and directions are highlighted on a map application.

Digital Kiosks are also popular under Digital schemes adopted by Government institutions where self-service applications are a delight for users.

Types of Kiosks

Kiosks come in different sizes and build qualities based on outdoor and indoor requirements. 

Smaller-sized kiosks are installed as wall-mounted, standees that operate indoors in a protected environment away from harsh weather conditions outside.

They are easy to use and engage on a person-to-person basis to target individual experiences in a better and more efficient manner. The most popular small-sized formats are Tablet Kiosks.

Based on the internal spaces for public areas like Malls, the kiosks size can vary in shape and place of installation.

Big or Large format Kiosks serve efficiently for big groups of people in an open space or public area, for commercial or entertainment purposes.

Freestanding kiosks are more common in open outdoor environments of said grocery stores, stations, restaurants, banks and sometimes malls. They provide the majority of services that a robust outdoor unit can provide, ranging from self-service and payment options for banks, movie tickets and more.

They are found in offices and commercial indoor spaces that act as intermediaries for check-ins, wayfinding and navigation. Sometimes, they are also used for quick features like a photo print, receipt or booking appointments and making calls.

  • Kiosk Display Sizes – 

Screen display sizes are essential in functioning for the right requirement. Certain functions and tasks can have the maximum effect on the right dimensions.

10 to 14 inches:
Table Tops

17.5 to 21.5 inches:
Wall Mounted

32 inches and above:
Single Display units in a vertical orientation. These are installed in Brand Experience stores and showrooms that interact with individuals one-to-one.

65-75 inches:
Large format displays installed in public spaces, catering to large audience groups. High-quality media playback benefits from such big displays.

Kiosk Technology

Screen and Software –

Screens are hooked up with their proprietary operating system that the OEMs integrate by default. Some of these are Tizen OS by Samsung and Web OS by LG.

  • While other display OEMs like Panasonic and BenQ use versions of Windows suited for the Kiosk’s functionality.

Digital Signage Kiosks are well equipped with software optimized to carry out and provide a wide range of services and run applications to cater for the specific needs of the customer.

From touch screens to high refresh rates and high-resolution monitors. The quality of the screens varies depending on the kiosk’s base software and build size (indoor or outdoor)

The software would be the primary feature, which accounts for a large portion of the kiosk’s costs and functionality. As a result, the interface is secondary; its quality is directly related to its base software.

Since Digital Kiosks are visibly available and act like other computers, it is able to offer a variety of services and help the consumer in need. Thus reducing the hassle of hiring additional personnel to process payments or handle check-ins.

  • Display Quality-
    Soft –
    Displays vary with the required fabrication and quality for a soft touch experience in indoor spaces or specialized displays for certain tasks.

    Hard –
    Hard displays are designed for more durability on Kiosks that are installed in outdoor spaces where it experiences rough usage and regular touches from the public. This helps such screens to provide long-lasting performance.

  • Media Players –
    Kiosks equipped with Media playback can be controlled remotely and used for targeted ad campaigns for a product or service effectively. 

Custom Media Players are part of the Operating Systems provided along with the Screens from manufacturers like Samsung’s Tizen OS and LG’s WEB OS

  • Digital Signage Software for Kiosks
    Digital Signage software on a cloud-based platform allows you to create, update, and manage digital kiosk content from anywhere.

    With content management, digital signage software also allows you to view any content and its status remotely and connect the media player to the internet. This remote monitoring option helps troubleshoot any issues and provides you with valuable playlist data.

    Digital signage software includes a design studio where you can insert media files and add multiple dynamic zones using drag-and-drop widgets:

Brand Presence with Kiosks

Interactive displays that are readily accessible, have wide acceptance in multiple brand events and shows, allowing interaction with a large number of potential customers.

Several companies make use of kiosks and utilize their potential to increase promotional capacity, allowing them to serve as intermediaries with a hands-free approach.

Fastfood chains like McDonalds, Burger King have digital kiosks in almost all of their outlets across the globe that helps in ordering food, making purchases without having to wait in long queues.

Digital kiosks provide a versatile platform for both your brand and user accessibility. As their popularity grows, they provide an excellent, hands-off approach to your business while providing your users with the interaction they want on their own terms.


Last but not least, the fabrication of a Kiosk. All the points mentioned above come to life in a Kiosk body that is designed to perform and function as per its requirements.

Features like –

  • Adjustable Height
  • Custom Designs based on space and environment.
  • Custom Cameras for Video Call Facilities
  • Custom Audio Equipment – Microphones and Speakers
  • Material of the Body with Additional Accessories.

Markets have the standardized product in terms of quality, while special and premium fabrications require specific resources and technology that are equipped with Fabrication plants that excel in the process of Kiosk design and manufacturing.

LPFLEX is equipped with the best practices of the superior fabrication process for Digital Signage Kiosks and access to the best display vendors in the market, ranging from Samsung, LG, Panasonic and BenQ

The fabrication process determines the structure and technology of the Digital Kiosks to perform and function in any environment efficiently at all times. Along with the installation and setup of a Kiosk, LPFLEX also supports clients with the operation and maintenance of said equipment for a hassle-free experience.

LPFLEX helps a brand setup and service Digital Signage Kiosks with the right management software integration, installation and operation assistance in a very efficient and effective manner.

Pioneering in next-generation branding and technology, specializing in excellent digital signage solutions. LPFLEX is a subsidiary of the parent company Maas & Roos whose primary focus is providing quality branding assistance and assured services to the brands ensuring loyalty and satisfaction to its customers.

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