How new trends in Digital Signage usher change in Advertising & Branding?

People’s interactions with businesses have shifted during the pandemic lockdown of 2020 – 2021. This also had an impact on the digital signage industry. As the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, we talk about how some changes to outdoor digital advertising have introduced new trends in 2022.

With the advertising and marketing industries tracing their roots back to their origins, some things have changed for the better since the pandemic.

Flipping the Switch

Executives in the Ad-tech industry had called out how disadvantageous the early days of the pandemic were for Advertising. It was easier to flip the switch and pause all campaigns/promotions as advertisers took time to think about possible solutions.

As consumers stayed at home, new habits were formed. This in turn led advertising companies to change their cash flow to online streams. With the emphasis more on data-driven results with the help of online tech, revenue started flowing back in once again.

This made one thing clear; Digital reigned supreme with the convenience of flexible media buying, switching content out with relevant messaging to improve return on investment.

Digital adoption in Retail

For years, the signage game for Retail had majorly remained the same. Billboards, 3d Letters, Sign Boards etc. on buildings, walls and streets are known to be Static Signages. With the age of Digitization and how Digital mediums have proven to penetrate brand messages deeper within the consumer space, Retail businesses have taken the next step toward this new medium of marketing and advertising.

Digital Signage

With new-age formats for Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH), the public spaces and walls are switching static signages with digital signages that offer better control and quality over content being delivered to the masses.

Bridging the Gap Digitally

Consumption of Video-based content greatly increased during the pandemic lockdown periods. Everyone watched more videos at home, travel time was often repurposed for media consumption. Streaming movies were made available.

The adoption of using Audio-Visual content greatly increased for businesses and helped increase revenue with content delivery via digital screens across the retail space. 

Physical stores are now flexible enough to have a digital presence and also let customers interact with them digitally via kiosks and screens placed across store walls, counters and more.

Thus, from just OOH Advertising (Out-Of-Home) businesses have come a long way to Digital Out-Of-Home or DOOH Advertising.

This also includes not just advertising but also wayfinding, navigational and educational information to the public.


In Kochi, one of the most vital tourism hubs in Kerala, the rapid urbanization and population explosion have increased private ownership of vehicles drastically.

LPFLEX, along with WRI has to lead the transformation of the area by installing digital wayfinding signages to support Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC)

The historic city required a modern and digital solution to enable residents and tourists alike to navigate around the city with ease. This project had the potential to create an impact to build public spaces to match modern cities of the world, ensuring the holistic wellbeing of commuters and tourists along with providing valuable information with a single touch.

Social Media Integration

The customers are now practically overwhelmed with so much content that is made available thanks to social media. Brands stay relevant and current while also developing trust and loyalty with customers.

Content from TikTok and Instagram Reels on Digital Signages
Content from TikTok and Instagram Reels on Digital Signages

Inclusion of user-generated content, and embracing the social aspect of the brand and company as a whole helped a lot in connecting with the audience. Channelling all this content through outdoor screens in any business run establishment helps attract valuable attention from the masses. Digital signage technology being universal, the ideal way for content delivery could be done by encouraging experimentation to get the best out of your content.

People love the brands that listen to them and their feedback. Businesses should take that effort to connect and engage with them using digital displays and signages to help form relationships. Speak via digital screens with content that one would relate to and understand.

Creative Content for your OOH Advertising

Advertising can be a complicated affair, and businesses frequently do it wrong. The digital screens and capabilities of signage technology provide you with a tool that allows you to create an ad that stands out. Use it carefully to deliver your message effectively.

Avoid being monotonous with your content. Nobody wants a tedious campaign that loops around one thing only. Making efforts to create valuable content that speaks to your audience, and encouraging them to stop and watch your displayed content, is the ideal formula for a successful ad campaign.

2022 has a lot of content that goes and clicks with a variety of target groups. Trendsetters can be found on different social media platforms to get your next content idea! 

Businesses can leverage viral marketing for their brand on Digital OOH Advertising, it’s only time and imagination that limits your content’s potential!


With all these listed trends, there’s more potential for building digital presence and enhancing the customer experience with a variety of digital solutions from Digital Signages, Wayfinding, Solar MUPIs and much more!

LPFLEX is a leader in digital signage solutions, system integration and manufacturing static signages. With over 99 years of experience, LPFLEX has provided excellent service to its clients ranging from wayfinding, navigation, LED Screens, Transparent Lighting and a variety of other digital and static signage solutions.

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