LPFLEX bags sign designing gig for L&T Seawoods residential project!!!

Sign Designing

Navi Mumbai has emerged from the shadows of being a suburb to a city with L&T Seawoods being the emblem of futuristic living. Keeping in line with the same, the signages by LPFLEX plan to embody the spirit of the project.

Signage Design by LPFLEX will be created on the three core guiding principles; personality, functionality & accessibility.


L&T Seawoods symbolizes the soul of Navi Mumbai i.e. the ability to dazzle and delight the residents. The lively, closely integrated, and sustainable project requires signages that showcase the new trend of living.

The Signages are designed with vibrant color schemes matching the project outlook, incorporating the brand elements, and manufactured with sustainability goals in mind.

Materials, color, and finishes for the signages fit a futuristic living style.


L&T Seawoods requires a signage system that covers its 10-acre residential development and 3 levels of car parking. By analyzing the site routes and destinations, LPFLEX plans to develop a hierarchy of information.

Standard signs such as external and rooftop signages were considered to ensure maximum visibility.

In addition, it creates a landmark that really draws attention to itself. The wayfinding signages will be developed with a functional approach for the convenience of the residents.


Different people have different interpretations of the same signage. Some see everything as a vague blur; others see a patchwork of blanks and defined areas.

By its very nature, accessibility must accommodate a wide range of infirmities. The signages are designed to be visible for all kinds of homebuyers.

We have considered the variations in sign types, sizes, positions, color, and illumination required for the signages to capture the minds of the residents.

Wait for more updates as we will be sharing the designs to showcase our ability to dazzle your audience.

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