LPFLEX begins work on design, manufacturing & deployment of digital wayfinding solutions for Kochi Municipality.

digital wayfinding solutions

LPFLEX is working with World Resources Institute (WRI) to deploy wayfinding signages to ensure ease of commute for the residents of Kochi. The “‘Reimagining Fort Kochi” Project aims to create enhanced walkable conditions and active public spaces.

About the Project

Fort Kochi is one of the most vital tourism hubs in Kerala. Rapid urbanization, population explosion, and increased private ownership of vehicles have drastically impacted the way of life in the area.

LPFLEX along with WRI is leading the transformation efforts by installing digital wayfinding signages with the support of Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC).             

The historic city requires a modern solution to enable the residents & tourists to find places with a single touch. This project has the potential to create an impact of building public spaces that match the modern cities of the world, thereby, ensuring the holistic well-being of the residents, commuters, and tourists.

LPFLEX is proud to be part of the project from design, manufacturing & commissioning of Digital Wayfinding for Kochi.

Hardware – 55” High Brightness Outdoor Display

·       LPFLEX is proud to partner with one of the leading OEMs for the digital signage display.

·       With a brightness of 3,000 cd/m², the screen is designed to showcase content and attract the attention of the commuters and tourists in Fort Kochi.

·       To reduce the space occupied, LPFLEX is using a slim depth open-frame screen to make the enclosure slimmer which in turn saves space for installation.

·       The Quarter Wave Plate (QWP) ensures clear visibility for the audience even with their sunglasses on and Kochi is an ideal place for the use of the technology.

·       In addition, the screen brightness will adjust with the existing ambient light. The brightness will switch between better visibility during the day and efficient power management in night.

·       Kerala is known for its heat, humidity, and rainfall. Taking it into consideration, LPFLEX has selected a screen with a conformal coating on the circuit boards to protect from dust, pollutants & water.

·       With summers reaching 35 degrees C, a display from a reliable OEM is chosen that works in high operating temperature.

·       LPFLEX has chosen a screen ideal for the outdoors of the tropical climate. 

PCAP Touch Technology

·       PCAP touch foil consists of two transparent thin films.

·       Built on a grid matrix layer( X and Y axes) with crisscrossed by metal wires,

·       Each matrix contains an induction unit that can sense human hands.

·       Weather conditions at Kochi through the year require full transparency, water/dust-proof & anti-pollution with the possibility of touch through the glass.


·       The frame and the base plate is made up of Mild steel while the frame consists of Stainless steel of the highest grade.

·       The enclosure is IP65 rated all-weather-proof enclosure to protect the electronic components from dust, water, and humidity.

·       There are two layers of finishing; powder coating to protect the structure from rust and a printed vinyl with reflective property to showcase the static content.

·       The enclosure and the screen (together as one piece) will be mounted on M20 Concrete.

LPFLEX will manufacture the product in its factory in Chennai and will be installed by its project team stationed in Kochi. The team is already in discussions to expand the project across various cities in Kerala and looks forward to jointly collaborating with WRI & its partners in transforming India.

Note: Software is provided by WRI. However, at LPFLEX, we can provide you with an integrated solution of hardware, software, and enclosure delivered and installed at your location across the globe.

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