Why Channel Letters Are used?

It is an undeniable fact that the signages you install give a lot of details about your brand at a glance. Apart from showcasing your brand’s name, it sets a tone in the spectators mindset through its style, scale, and colour. In that case, LPFLEX, the best signage company in Dubai, has seen companies choosing channel letters for their businesses in recent times. There are many reasons why many business owners adopt channel letters for their enterprise but it would even make better sense if we get to know more on what channel letters. Hence, in this blog, we will briefly look at what channel letters and why channel letters are ideal for business front offices.

What Are Channel Letters?

The question that would be ringing your mind right now would be – “ what makes channel letters different from other form signages?” Channel letters are one type of signages which are three-dimensional and are primarily made from the products such as acrylic, and metal. The best part of channel letters that many signage suppliers in Dubai consider is that symbols or letters made from these products can be illuminated from inside. The illumination is achieved with the help of LED light which is incorporated in each channel letter. 

In channel letters, each symbol or letter is called channel and is metal framed. The frame is then covered with acrylic and embedded with LED lights. Usually, the metal’s forefront is made of acrylic which helps the light to shine through the frame by beautifully illuminating each channel.

It is not a surprise that channel letters can be illuminated in various ways such as front-lit, reverse-lit, and open-faced lit channels. 

Front Lit-Channels: 

These are the traditional ones where the aluminium is used at the sides with acrylic at the front.

Reverse Lit-Channels:

These are often called “backlit” or “halo-effect” where the acrylic is at the back with aluminium at the front making the signage to glow around each channel letters.

Open-Faced Lit Channels:

In this type, the channels faced are exposed to neon tubes or bulbs. However, signboard company in Abu Dhabi and many other places rarely use this type of lighting as they are prohibited in certain regions due to light laws.

Why Choose Channel Letters For Front Office?

Professional Look:

One of the most common reasons why channel letters are chosen over the signage suppliers in Abu Dhabi for the business front office is due to its unmatched professional look. These channel letters are sleek and not too flashy which certainly compliments the business decor. In an office atmosphere, where you will have clients to meet regularly, going too flashy and contemporary can spoil the office atmosphere. Thus, channel letters’ appearance enhances the professional look without going over-bored. 


Another reason why you should have channel letters for your front office is due to its higher visibility. Channel letters offer higher visibility even at the lower lighting conditions which makes the spectators look at your business even at dark. Unlike the flat banners which often go unnoticed, channel letters on the other hand stand through the dark due to its three-dimensional shape.

Easily Maintained & Customised:

Thirdly, channel letters are best for the front office because they can be easily maintained and customised as per business requirements. Each channel can be easily cleaned and in case of damage it can be replaced without the need of changing the entire signage. On the other hand, customization in case of channel letters offers you distinctive graphics which helps you to create eye-catching signages.

LPFLEX, one of the best signage companies in Sharjah is here with their unique collection of channel letters to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

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