When you set up your business, who exactly are you working for?

The answer is simple!

You work for the people. These people are your customers. And, you are supposed to make them happy with your services.

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Are you a successful restaurant owner who provides the best quality steaks in town? How do you determine your brand success rate? How do you go out of your way to make your customers smile?

You may have tried numerous advertising and marketing strategies to get yourself heard and noticed by these people. Are these strategies meeting your targets and goals?

Running interactive marketing campaigns can seem like a risk factor to many brands. There is a probability that you can either flourish from your advertisements or lack in generating desired leads. 

However, the question of executing the perfect strategy to make your brands stand out in the world is still a wonder. 

Many brands and organizations undermine the potential of signages as an effective way for brand promotion.

The importance of business signage in enticing potential clients cannot be overstated.

Signages are an efficient way to get customers to you. Some say these are silent spokespersons for your brand that sees excellent and rising commerce graphs. 

But how do your vested interests in signage justify themselves in generating loyal customers? 

Studies show that a shocking majority (almost 50%) of consumers sees and notices a brand through its on-premise signs. There is a 15% hike in seeing new customers in your store by adding a quality store sign.

The signages that people see outside your store are called outdoor or exterior signs. They play an essential role in your marketing strategies. 

The most liked outdoor sign by brands is Pylon signages. 

What are Pylon signs?

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It is time to step up your game and get noticed with a pylon sign for your brand. 

Have you ever noticed the signs that soar above shopping malls and plazas and are frequently seen from highways and interstates via the car window?

Outdoor signage that is commonly erected on single or double poles is known as pylon signage.

Pylon signs are the gold standard for most companies, including churches, restaurants, medical facilities, and apartment complexes. This is because they are so tall and easily noticeable. 

They help you stand out from the competition by increasing your advertising efforts and brand recognition.

Depending on the direction the sign will be facing, it can be one-sided or double-sided. Illuminated pylon signs or signs containing other elements, such as an LED message centre, are also common.

Pylon signage with a single lightbox displaying the company’s name and brand emblem is common in many places. 

The ones that are featured in shopping malls or shopping centres will have numerous lightboxes incorporated into the sign, and the base will frequently match the plaza’s general architecture. These signs could be made of brick, stone, or metal.

What are the benefits of using pylon signages for your business?

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According to the University of Cincinnati, Pylon signages are an excellent approach to attract the attention of potential customers because of their easily noticeable freestanding and conspicuous structure.

Here are four benefits of these signs that can help your business stand out.

1. Visible and striking. The fundamental advantage of pylon signage is its height. 

Your business will be easier to find, and newcomers will be more likely to give you a chance when they pass by.

2. An opportunity to brandify your business. Branding is more crucial than ever in today’s world. 

That is why you require a well-designed sign that can be placed in strategic locations to effectively communicate your company’s message to your target audience. They can come back and look for you once they know where you are.

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3. Your own customized sign. Pylon signs can be created from various materials, including advertising components such as LED or digital boxes, and come in various styles.

You can customize these signs as per your needs. 

4. Durability and lasting. It can be seen that pole signs don’t need anything else to stand on. Hence, they can be utilized in various ways and don’t have to be near the building or business they are advertising. 

Pylon signs are taller, wider, and more robust than other types of signage. Even if you add beautiful shapes and other aspects, the materials used to make pylon signs are durable and long-lasting.

Why should you use Pylon signs?

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How a pylon sign is used varies depending on the business. They can be employed in brand strategies, for example, when the sign includes the entire company name and logo. 

They can be customized to include elements such as light boxes or LED displays to promote your brand. 

The incredible visibility is one of the key reasons businesses choose pylon signage. They are frequently used for businesses located near heavily frequented locations such as highways, interstates, and bridges because they can rise over barriers.

Some businesses show current events or deals, opening times, products or services, and more to attract traffic. Furthermore, pylon signs help a retail centre or plaza, or any area with more than a few tenants, because the sign can hold multiple panels or nameplates.

What are the different types of Pylon signs?

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LPFLEX provides a range of options for you to choose from. Our experts are trained to guide you through these ranges so that you are aware of their specifics. 

We have mentioned the various types of pylon signs for you below.

1. Single-pole mount. ‘A classic design’ for pylon signs. 

Single-pole installations are tuned, monolithic, and can be noticed from afar.

A metal pole extends upward from the ground to secure the sign, which can be single-sided or double-sided, illuminated or unlit, depending on your preferences.

2. Twin-pole mount. Larger signage benefits from the twin-pole mounting.

The twin-pole mount looks similar to a single-pole design. It provides better stability and rigidity since the sign is set on two posts rather than just one. 

It is just another frequent and most-seen structure among the pylon signs. 

3. Covered-pole mount. Used to ‘cover’ the metal from the pole. 

A covered pole is the main support for the sign and adds some personality to it. The cover can even be customized to match your company’s logo and look.

4. Customised light-box pylon signs. You can acquire an internally lighted lightbox pylon to boost the visibility of your pylon sign throughout the day and night. 

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This pole sign can have a single light or many lightboxes to meet your needs and bring in customers. 

This variant is frequently seen in retail malls or plazas. At the shopping complex, there are several logos for retailer brands on display

How can the pylon signs be illuminated? What are Illuminated pylon signs?

Illuminated pylon signage is the wisest choice. Some of the pole signs are internally illuminated, while others use an LED module to turn them into 24-hour information stations. 

This is not only an environmentally responsible approach but it is also chosen by many brands and businesses. After all, the pylon sign will be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Light sensors can be added to the lightbox to turn off the inside lights. 

Others choose to illuminate the sign with in-ground spotlights, especially if the pylon sign lacks an LED message board.

How do you improve your visibility through Pylon signs? 

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Many businesses choose customized and personalized design options to boost the visibility of their pylon signage.

At LPFLEX, we provide and guide you through the signage range and help you customize your own signage as per your wants and needs. 

Here are three tips on how you can customize your own pylon signs. 

1. Lightboxes. These have a translucent panel that displays a company’s name and logo. 

Backlighting the panel with internal fluorescent bulbs or LEDs (light-emitting diodes) at night draws attention to the store or restaurant and makes it more visible. 

2. External illumination. You can light up or illuminate your pylon sign using spotlights on the ground or affixed to the sign itself. 

3. LED message screens or boards. Changeable messages promote sales, new goods, special events, and more. 

LED panels with dynamic moving graphics attract passersby’s attention more successfully than static, non-moving signs. 

These computer-controlled electronic light displays allow businesses to change their messaging on the go.

Where can you use Pylon Signage?

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  • Motels and hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Movie theatres
  • Apartment complexes
  • Retail Stores & Malls
  • Industrial warehouses and complexes
  • Business parks
  • Truckstop
  • Car dealerships
  • Gas stations 

Why choose LPFLEX as your Pylon signage partner?

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Wayfinding, display, and merchandising are all made easier with LPFLEX’s pylons, unipoles & sky signs with static and digital solutions.

The benefit is obvious: when the pylon sign is put in a central area, the message or information you want to communicate is visible from every angle. 

There is also illuminated multi-sided pylon signage available. 

LPFLEX’s illuminated pylon signs give not only information but also stunning, long-distance visibility in low-light conditions. 

With LPFLEX’s all-inclusive service, you’ll get recommendations for the best graphics and materials for your illuminated pylon signs.

Some other benefits include:

  • Visible from any angle and over a long distance 
  • A wide range of sizes and designs
  • Pylon signs that are illuminated, convex, or flat 
  • Built to withstand any extreme circumstances
  • Extremely sturdy. 
  • Inserts may be simply changed, thanks to the quick latch mechanism. 
  • Available in heights of up to 4 meters (13 feet) and widths of up to 1.4 metres (4.5 feet). 

Now that you have your hints about pylon signages, it’s definitely time to choose your consulting partner. 

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Investing may sound risky and overwhelming to you. But you can have your worries washed off if you have the right partner to guide you with your venture. 

LPFLEX has over 98+ years of experience in the signage industry and always stays ahead of the curve and market trends. 

Your location is not a challenge for us, we have our bases throughout the globe. 

We offer end to end services to make your fantasy a reality. We have our professionals ranging from the designers who prepare the first blueprints for you to installation teams who finalize the installation.

Are you all set to add new colors and take your business to new heights? Let us work together to complete your targets and goals. We are happy when you are happy!

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