Proto M

The Proto M is a holographic communications platform in a tabletop form that lets viewers see, hear and interact with people and objects that are literally ‘beamed in” from anywhere in the world both live and pre-recorded.

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Smart Camera


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Holographic Display

High Density Multitouch

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Proto Cloud


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Mobile Device

Connect, Capture,
and Stream Content

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The future is

High Density, multitouch and crystal clear.

The M is a sized-to-scale, sleek display that offers all the amazing features of the Epic in a tabletop form.

It has the high fidelity sound and design that seamlessly integrates into any home or office. Plus, its innovative reorientation mount allows you to effortlessly switch from portrait to landscape and ensure the perfect orientation tailored to your content.

Beam and reproduce content anywhere, anytime, from the cloud. Imagine all the M can do for your enterprises and endeavors.

Take the magic of holographic display wherever you go.

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Where to use the M

Prepare for a paradigm shift in company trainings, customer support digital signage, amongst so many other new ways to connect.


Showcase products and interact with clients like never before.


Connect with friends and loved ones as if they were there in person.


Add real value to patient & doctor


Impress your guests and create memorable moments.

Entertainment & Live Events

Holographic experiences, sale points, pop ups and activations.

Art & Galleries

Showcase digital art, NFT collections, trading cards and more.

Technical Details.

The M is also easily removable from the tabletop stand and can be installed on a floor stand or wall.

Width 12.13” (30.81cm) 26.15 ” (66.42cm)
Height 29.13” (73.99cm)
Depth 8.60” (21.84cm)
Weight 29lbs (13.15kg) with Desk Stand
Camera 4K Smart Return Feed Camera

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Proto M

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